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WELCOME! ຍິນດີຕອນຣັບ

Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives Inc. is a Canadian registered non-profit organization that fundraises and runs environmental education projects in remote rural areas in Lao PDR. We accept poor, eager youth, who want to develop themselves and their communities in socially and environmentally sustainable ways, to come and board with us for 1-year, learning programs. We also have short, intensive workshops on issues relevant to the community.


We have built a school in Champasak province with an exciting educational goal: we are developing it so that the operation and maintenance of the school is the curriculum. What this means is simple: our students and staff will need food to eat, so we will grow it and lessons related to organic agriculture will develop out of this. We will need soap to wash ourselves, so we will have to make it. Everything from material goods, such as paper, ink, and clothes, to the rules governing the school and the fundraising that maintains it, will be subjects that the students will not only take but also help create.

Our "Rural Sustainability" program combines sustainable agriculture, green business, community leadership, environmental and social studies, organizational governance, language learning, land law, health, and appropriate technology into a unique curriculum.

Graduating students will return to their villages to set up green businesses, non-profit projects and learning programs to revitalize their communities, providing energetic and ecological alternatives to "by the book" development.

Our third cohort finishes their studies on June 1st, 2011. We are very proud of them and are excited to see what they will accomplish as they go back home. We will miss them very much! Here is their picture:

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We accept committed, healthy volunteers to assist us in the project.  Potential applicants must be self-motivated, adaptable and eager to live in a simple, rural area with Lao people.  Email us at ramsey(at)sustainablelaos(dot)org for more information!


Our project is funded by people like you. Our goal is not to compete with other NGOs for funding, but to stimulate contributions that would not otherwise be made, adding a project not preventing one. Click here to find out the many easy ways you can help.

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