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Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives is a nonprofit organization, registered under the Ontario Corporations Act, since 2004.  We have been working in Laos in partnership with the Ministry of Education, under the Global Association for People and the Environment (GAPE)'s Memorandum of Understanding.  Like SLEI, GAPE believes that local people have the knowledge, capacity and depth of understanding to make the best decisions regarding their resources, so environmental protection cannot be separated  from protecting local people's livelihoods and rights.

See pictures of our current and previous staff: the great people who have helped make this project a reality.


Khambin Kikeo (2010 - present): petty cash, coordinator, teaching, annuals and veggie garden

San (2010 - present): Agroforestry, trees, teaching, kitchen manager, inventory.

Vanhpheng Vanbisong (2010 - 2012): Student product marketing, Cafe, teaching, Bookkeeping

Vieng (2011 - present) Animal husbandry, maintainance, building

Mai (2010 - Jan. 2011) Animal husbandry, maintainance, building

Kong (2008 - 2010) Gardens, maintainance, animals

Sophavanh Phommixay (2004 - present), project accountant, teacher, co-director.

Dam (2007), project cantor.

Ramsey Affifi (2004 - present), project founder, coordinator and academic director.

Onh Si (2007), agricultural maestro.

Seng Duangkhamya (2005 - 2008), construction, translator, teacher, visionary.


Gilda Senties (March - September, 2011), project volunteer/coordinator.

Ananda (September 2010 - March, 2011), project volunteer / coordinator.

Matthias Ruest (Sept 2010 - March 2011) project volunteer / coordinator.

Carly Tchida (December 2011-March 2013) below, Lisa Anderberg (February 2012 - June 2013) above (with Bin and San in the middle).  Both were project coordinators.

Clare Margason (October 2013 - present), education coordinator.

Sarah George (October 2013 - present), marketing, alumni and villager project coordinator.

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