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Our rainy-season veggie garden (protected from the rain) Summer 2011

Summer 2011

catimor coffee workshop

Coffee workshop at the Kilometre 35 research centre, May 2009.


reclaiming imperata grasslands

Reforestation of imperata grasslands with indigenous pioneer species.


 This is the site in April, 2007, when construction was just beginning.

This is the path into the site in July, 2008.

A student, Mr. Io, learning how to marcot tamarind. July 2008.

Mr. Tong, swinging from the vine outside the library. July 2008.

Mr. Tong's audience. July, 2008

Khamsene and Bounlong, working on the roof of our "Beehive Washroom". March 2008.

The earthen brick we sun-baked in preparation for building the boy's dormitory. February 2008.

A teak tree and a bicycle in front of our library.

Bong, Wang, Hien and Kit, bringing melons from their swidden field. June 2008.

Mr. Ti, moving earthen bricks. March, 2008.

Mr. Sutlo, reposing on the staff dormitory roof.

Our well and eating area, July 2008.

Building the school, February, 2008.

Jui Kabab.

Mr. Wi

The trellised-path to the river.

Bounlong, building a window frame for the kitchen.

Ki's mom, going to the river.

Seng, Kong, Ramsey, Dam and Onhsi, mixing natural cement. November, 2007.

Ramsey, talking to students, July, 2008.

Our new kitchen! No more squat-cooking!! Completed in July, 2008.

Starting the roofing of the girl's dormitory. February, 2008.


Boys playing with a jungle vine on the school campus.

The girl's dormitory, kitchen, staff dorm, and school, June, 2008.

Building the Beehive Washrooms.

Ramsey Affifi, June, 2008.

Kong Sengaloun, holding natural cement.

Dam. November, 2007.

Bouasai and Fai, while building the well. May, 2007.

Sophavanh Phommixay, working on the computer, May, 2008.

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