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We have now hosted our program three times and have graduating students going home to their villagers and starting many exciting projects, including sewing handbags, raising frogs, cows, and pigs, roasting coffee, producing peanut snacks, and fruit wines. We have built the Sai Nyai Eco-School Community Cafe to help our students market their products. We are also supporting our alumni students through coordinating the distribution of their products in Pakse and elsewhere, through hosting Alumni Days where they can share their experiences and meet new people, and through providing water systems for students who do not have access to water but want to establish a project that depends on it. 


We are also using the Sai Nyai Eco-School Community Cafe for fundraising for our school. We sell things that we produce on site here too. If you are in the area, please come by and support our project!



Our project is funded by people like you. Our goal is not to compete with other NGOs for funding, but to stimulate contributions that would not otherwise be made, adding a project not preventing one. Click here to find out the many easy ways you can help.

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