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  • It is our belief that education is not a thing that another can do to us. At our school education is a process that we are all doing together. We are all students and teachers, and therefore co-creators. Education is sustainable as long as our faith that we can discover knowledge remains.
  • Everyone comes from their own context. There are at least seven different ethnic groups amongst our students and staff, all of whom come from a cultural descendency that has discovered unique insights into living on the planet. Our contexts need to be recognized and appreciated, and allowed to grow along their own paths.
  • The development of knowledge is welcome but this process cannot occur if it is detrimental to people or ecosystems. Discovery must be done with social and ecological sensitivity.


  • Vitalize disempowered communities by helping youth strengthen local knowledge systems and improve self-esteem through self-directed, non-formal education.
  • Raise awareness about the crucial role of biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity for sustainability and the complex interactions between them.
  • Assist in education aiming to protect the biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity in the region.
  • Explore conceptions of social, ethical, personal, and spiritual ‘development’ and the collapse of these essential human modes that results from equating ‘development’ with ‘economic development.’
  • Nurture the development of green, locally produced, appropriate businesses and technologies.
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